Our Services


CLD Consulting was started by people from the agency world and is equally comfortable writing marketing plans and RFP's as we are developing ad campaigns. CLD Consulting provides the same services as a traditional ad agency but with a more personal touch.

CLD Consulting was founded to address the marketing needs in a diverse society within middle market industries. We combine our business acumen with account experience and design aesthetics to manage our projects.

Below is a sample of our agency services:

  • Advertising
  • Brand Identity
  • Communication Strategies
  • Crisis Management
  • Interactive your Messages
  • Integrate your Communication
  • OOH
  • Market Research
  • Promotions


Branding is the main ingredient for all companies. Without developing your brand your company is missing out on creating customer loyalty. The "brandscape" is changing. Emerging markets are beginning to understand the value of investing in brands.

Companies recognizing the value of branding to create customer loyalty have built their brands reflecting pride in their company and relevance to their marketplace. It is important for companies to remain forward thinking when developing their brand and increasing their footprint and profile of their brand. Customers are not only buying a product or a service; more importantly they are buying brand recognition and are gaining knowledge.

Branding is the key to success and it is important for companies and entrepreneurs to learn about the power of branding.


CLD Consulting recognizes the uncertainty many companies experience when times are changing. We help your company in the ever-changing and evolving world we live in. We are changing agents for your company. We guide your company by providing interactive tools, opinions, surveys, ideas and events; to help your company learn about, relate to and leverage the ongoing shifts in all aspects of your company - ranging from branding to marketing and everything in between.


One of two things happens when change occurs: either you take advantage of it; or it takes advantage of you. And when what use to work no longer works; it's time to change it up.

CLD Consulting has strategies in place to make this transition less painful and more productive for your company.

We analyze the trends within your industry and provide innovative solutions to survive in a more global, competitive society.

Public Relations

Social media has changed the landscape of PR; but that's just it...social media has simply changed how PR is received - it's a tool to deliver your companies message.

With the advent of social media companies are now able to build more new relationships, across a wider landscape and in a more sustainable manner.

Social media is taking us back to what's important in PR - people and relationships. We recognize how to build and maintain quality relationships and social media is now an integral part of making this happen.